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SAILOR Intermediate Sketch Kit (includes 40 deg Fude Fountain Pen, SAILOR converter, DA Doc Black Ink, Blunt Syringe) - Pink Pen

  • Colour: Pink

This is everything you need to sketch with the SAILOR Fude 40 Degree fountain pen.

Kit includes SAILOR Fude pen with 40 degree bent nib, which gives line variation, but is easier to use than the 55 degree nib.

Kit comes with compatible SAILOR converter and bottle of waterproof DE ATRAMENTIS Document Ink in black.

Fit the converter to the pen, put the nib under ink and turn the converter handle to fill the pen. Alternatively you can directly fill the converter using the syringe and then insert the filled converter into the pen.

Use the pen in a vertical position for thin lines, then drop the pen angle to widen the line. Will produce lovely line variation. Be patient as you learn to work with the pen.

Keep the pen in use (at least fortnightly) to keep the pigmented ink flowing. 

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