LEUCHTTURM1917 WHITELINES® Link Hard Cover Dotted - Pocket (A6) - Black

The LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook with all useful features such as page numbers and a table of contents now comes with Whitelines Link ® technology.

Whitelines® Link is a happy combo of physical and digital notes.

You could call it a clever scanner-app that in combination with Whitelines® Link paper makes it super easy to capture, save and share your notes.

The basic idea is to let the app and the paper actually see each other and the rest will happen automatically. Make sure the four corner markers are visible in the display hold still for a moment let the app capture your note and save or share your note in a way you like.

Also available as Academy Pad with removable pages with either lined or dotted rulings.

185 numbered pages, dotted
Blank table of contents
8 perforated and detachable sheets
Expandable pocket
Elastic enclosure and page marker
Thread bound book that opens flat
Stickers for labelling and archiving
Size: 90 x 150mm
Ink proof and acid free paper

You need the Whitelines Link app in order to make the magic to happen. Download the free app:

available on Google Play

available on appstore


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