Fountain Pen Tools

LEUCHTTURM1917 Ink Swatch (20 slots, 50 x 50mm) Plastic Display Sheets - Pack 5

  • ISBN: 4004117187896

Designed by LEUCHTTURM1917, these coin display sheets, make the ideal organiser for fountain pen ink swatches. You can store you swatches by brand or by colour family and easily move the swatches around as your ink collection grows.

Each sheet includes 20 transparent compartments (to fit 50 x 50mm card) and is hole punched to suit a 3 or 4 ring binder. Sheet size is 240 x 300mm.

Pack contains 5 sheets plus white interleave sheets.

Ink swatch card and binder not included.

Tips on creating realistic ink swatches:

  • Cut your favourite fountain pen paper in to 50 x 50mm swatches
  • Wet a Q-tip with clean water
  • Dip Q-tip into ink sample
  • Make creative mark on 2 swatches
  • Use a dip pen to write name of ink on each swatch
  • Date each sample (to monitor light resistance)
  • Wash dip pen well before dipping in next colour
  • Store in Brand family and/or by Colour family
  • Show all your friends and see them gush!


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