ABC Radio Interview

Jen interviewed by Wendy Harmer, ABC Radio, 29/7/2017



Thanks to Wendy Harmer for her interest in the Fountain Pen revival. Online searches for 'fountain pen' in Australia are about 5,000 searches per month; up 200% from 2 years ago and the same as the searches for 'coloured pencils' at the height of the colouring craze.

There is no specific demograph for fountain pen users. We are seeing men and women, all age and all walks of life coming back to what we think is the ultimate writing tool. The pens are purchased for writing, signing, drawing and seem to allow for creativity. With a fountain pen, you can write at the speed of thought and with no resistance. 

It is like in this age of technology, where we are connected to a screen and a keyboard, we yearn for not only the nostalgia of the fountain pen, but the tangible experience of the pen gliding across the paper.

Manufacturers have caught up too, providing ultra modern designs, inks that behave well with lubricants and drying agents, nibs for right and left handers and fountain pens for children. No more inky fingers like in the days of the dip pen and ink well.

At the end of the interview, Salu rang in about his 25 year old gold nibbed pen. He had started to write his memoir with a ballpoint and the words would not come out, but once he remembered the fountain pen, the writing was like a dream! The next day, we had the priveldge of Salu visiting our store and we exchanged fountain pen stories, the stories that make up our lives.