Bullet Journals


Can't find the diary format that suits you?

Turn a regular notebook into your own personalised diary with Ryder Carroll's bullet system.
A bullet journal is a diary, to-do list and journal all rolled into one.

Step 1.  Create an index page to organise your bullet journal
Step 2.  First double page - days of the month down left page, right page is task list
Step 3.  Next double page is your daily calender - list tasks for each day
Step 4.  As you log events, go back and update your monthly calendar
Step 5.  At end of month, create next month calender and migrate any tasks over

Which format notebook? you can use the dedicated LEUCHTTURM1917 Bullet Journal but any dot or squared (grid) paper works well. If you choose a LEUCHTTURM1917 it already has a Table of Contents and page numbers. Also check out the CIAK Smartbook which includes an undated monthly calender at the front of the notebook.