TWSBI Ink Wells

TWSBI VAC20A Ink Well (Empty) - Blue

The perfect fountain pen deserves the perfect ink well bottle.

TWSBI VAC20A ink bottle uses 3 caps to provide mess free filling for:

  • TWSBI Vac Mini - upper cap
  • TWSBI Vac 700A - middle cap
  • All other fountain pens - lower cap

This cleverly designed ink well includes an upper reservoir that fills with ink when you turn the ink bottle upside down (cap on of course!). Then you screw the fountain pen (with the front section removed) directly to the top of the inkwell. Turn the end cap of your fountain pen and the pen is refilled without you having to dip your nib into the ink. Remove your fountain pen barrel from the inkwell and screw the front section back on. No more inky fingers!

The inkwell can also be used with other fountain pen brands that take an international standard converter. By connecting your converter directly to the top of the inkwell you can take advantage of the dosing reservoir and get the very last drop out of your ink bottle. Turn the handle on the converter to draw up the ink and then replace the converter back into your fountain pen. Again no need to put your fountain pen nib into the ink and you will be able to use every last drop of ink.

Inkwell made from glass and anodised aluminium.  Holds 20ml

  • TWSBI VAC20A Ink Well (Empty)

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