TWSBI Service

LarryPOST can help you fix your TWSBI pen ...

We carry a large stock of TWSBI pens and parts and can help you keep your TWSBI pen in use. Any TWSBI pen purchased from us is serviced free of charge. Our free service includes nib tuning, piston regreasing and pen reassembly (and excludes any parts required). Please contact us if you need help.


Can I get a spare nib?

Sure, most of TWSBI nibs are available as a replacement item on our website. If you can't find the spare nib you need, please contact Jen

Which nib size should I get?

TWSBI nibs are German and write like other German pens. If you have average size handwriting start with a Fine nib. If you are left handed we also recommend starting with Fine. We have spare nibs you can order if you need a different size.

How do I fill the pen?

You can fill directly from your ink bottle. Put the nib completely underwater in the ink and turn the piston knob at the end of the pen to draw the ink into the pen. Tissue off any excess ink from the nib. You can also use an Ink well for mess free filling - use the large well for Classic, Mini and Diamond 580 and the small well for Vac pens. Eco pens are not compatible with the ink wells.

Do I need to use the grease before the first fill?

To get started just fill your new pen with water and then expel before you fill with ink. You only need to grease the piston if it starts to get stuck and won't move (like a year down the track).

Which inks are recommended for TWSBI pens?

We recommend PILOT Iroshizuku and PELIKAN Edelstein. You can also use DE ATRAMENTIS Document ink as this is a fast drying ink, but it is also waterproof (so harder to clean out if you wanted to change ink).  For trouble shooting a pen that is writing too wet, we recommend PELIKAN 4001. Performance also depends on paper choice and the better papers are LEUCHTTURM1917, DAYCRAFT and CIAK Mate.

How can I fix a pen that is writing too wet?

TWSBI pens are wet writers for a smooth writing experience. If your pen is writing too wet for your liking, you can try a drier ink like PELIKAN 4001. Also check your nib and feed are pushed fully into the pen. Avoid carrying your pen in a shirt pocket where body heat can cause the air in the pen to expand and flood the feed/nib.

Is it normal to see a few ink spots on the nib or inside the cap?

Yes, you may get a little nib creep where ink shows on to the surface of the nib. To minimise, try storing your pen vertically and you can also try a drier ink. Also, when you fill the pen, you can hold it nib up and tissue of excess ink so the feed is not flooded when you first start to write.

How can I fix a leaking pen?

For TWSBI Eco and TWSBI Go, check the nib is fully pushed into the feed. For TWSBI Classic, make sure the grip section is the correct orientation as it is easy to accidentally reverse it when cleaning/filling the pen (step down inside the grip faces towards the nib).