Reassembly Tips ...

How to assemble your TWSBI fountain pen ...


  1. Wind plunger head fully down to writing end*
  2. Place spanner between end cap and barrel
  3. Turn spanner clockwise to loosen
  4. Pull plunger mechanism out of pen barrel


  1. Insert black screw-bolt into connector 
  2. Screw end cap on (almost fully) in clockwise direction
  3. Insert plunger into other end (square hole) of connector and wind down
  4. Wind end cap anti-clockwise as you push plunger in firmly unti it 'clicks', then wind down again
  5. Repeat previous step 2x until plunger head is 2-3mm from connector
  6. Add silicon grease to plunger head
  7. Wind out plunger and insert plunger into barrel
  8. Unscrew end cap slightly (anti-clockwise) to fit spanner in
  9. Turn spanner anti-clockwise to tighten mechanism in the barrel
  10. Check there is a small space (2-3mm) between plunger head and connector

*If plunger is jammed, remove nib section and use a syringe to inject grease into pen body