ROSEMARY & CO Reversible Pocket Brush - R12-V - Nylon - Dagger 1/4" (7.3 x 18.9mm)

ROSEMARY & CO is a family run business in England that makes these fantastic travel brushes for watercolour artists.

Each brush is housed in a stainless steel case that you reverse out to make the hande of the brush and then close back up to protect the hairs when not in use.

The R12-V is a synthetic fibre (Golden synthetic), vegan friendly brush, in the specialised dagger shape. It is like having two brushes in one. You can use the point like a rigger for fine detail and the edge like a flat for laying down broad strokes. Perfect for tree branches, grass and caligraphic effects.

A great brush to have if you only want to have one brush or if you do quick sketches and do not want to change brushes as you paint. The dagger format will also teach you new techniques that you never knew existed and can later try to do with a regular pointed round.

Size measurement is brush head diametre by brush length (mm).

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