Sketch Kit (PILOT MR Fountain Pen, Syringe & De Atramentis Black 35mL Ink) - Silver Pen - Med

  • Colour: Silver

This Sketch Kit contains the optimum fountain pen set-up for sketchers who prefer a metal pen. Includes:

  • PILOT MR Fountain Pen - medium nib
  • Squeeze converter (not sold separately)
  • De Atramentis Black Ink 35 mL (either document or archive, both are waterproof)
  • Syringe for easy ink transfers

A great value metal fountain pen for fast sketching. Artists like the combination of the smooth nib with the light weight feel of the pen. The metal body with its tapered design is easy to hold and manipulate.

Japanese nibs are narrower than European nibs and this medium produces a nice fine line (like a LAMY fine).

The pen takes PILOT IC-50-B cartridges and is supplied with a single black cartridge plus a small squeeze converter, that is intended for cleaning, but can be used to hold ink. Also compatible with PILOT Converter-20 plate press converter.

De Atramentis ink is a German hand-made pigmented ink with beautiful flow. We supply either as document or archive - both formats are very black, waterproof and lightfast. We have tested De Atramentis ink in the PILOT MR and the flow is very reliable.

Ink syringe is a lure-lock syringe that comes in two parts. You screw the blunt end needle into the syringe and then have an easy way to move ink from your ink bottle to your converter or cartridge. 

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