PILOT Gift Sets

PILOT MR Fountain Pen - Black - Medium Nib + 3 x 15mL Ink Gift Set (Shin-Kai, Take-Sumi, Yama-Budo)

  • Colour: Black

Also known as the PILOT Metropolitan, this is a great value entry level fountain pen for everyday writing or sketching.

Available in lots of styles and colours, the body is made from metal with a smooth finish that makes this pen easy to hold. The tapered design helps you change grip or angle as you write or draw.

The stainless steel nib is a narrow 'medium' and narrow enough for sketching. We have looked a lots of these nibs under magnification and the PILOT nibs show good tine alignment.

The pen takes PILOT IC-50-B cartridges and is supplied with a single black cartridge plus a small squeeze converter, that is intended for cleaning, but can be used to hold ink. Also compatible with PILOT Converter-20 plate press converter.

This is the special 100th anniversary gift box edition that includes the pen and 3 x 15mL bottles of Iroshizuku ink.

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