OPUS 88 Koloro

OPUS 88 Koloro Fountain Pen - Orange - Fine Nib

OPUS 88 Koloro Fountain pen. This pen is a wonderful mix of concepts and materials with the resin and ebonite alternating scemes combining with the traditional japanese style eyedropper filling system. Filling and writing with this pen is like a modern day tea ceremony. This pen has a lovely warm feel.

The pen is filled with the supplied eyedropper and uses a piston operated shut-off valve to seal the barrel when travelling or flying. When writing for exteded periods of time release the piston to enable ink flow to the feed and nib. Ink capacity is high and the ink level can be seen through the barrel.

The pen can be used either posted or unposted. Available in Fine, Medium , and Broad nibs

Dimensions: 142mm capped, 160mm posted, 24.0g with cap (empty)
Material: Coloured acrylic resin and ebonite, clip - silver (metal)
Nib: JOWO #5 nib - stainless in silver. Nibs available as spare parts.
Packaged in a gift box with eyedropper for filling

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