Beginner's guide to LAMY stainless steel nibs

  • Available in  Extra Fine |  Fine  |  Medium |  Broad  |  Left Handed  |  Oblique  |  Italic
  • Fit all LAMY fountain pens except LAMY 2000
  • EF and F suit small right-handed handwriting
  • M suits larger writing and is smoother than EF and F
  • LH (rounded) and Oblique (angled) nibs may suit LH overwriters
  • Italic nibs (square) for calligraphy come in 1.1, 1.5 and 1.9 mm
  • We have tested stainless versus black stainless and find no technical difference

Guide to LAMY gold nibs

  • Manufactured and tested to a higher standard than steel nibs
  • Softer than a steel nib and require more care
  • LAMY 14ct Bi-Colour Gold Nibs fit all LAMY pens except LAMY 2000
  • LAMY 14ct White Gold Nibs fit LAMY 2000 only