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Faber-Castell TK-Fine Mechanical Pencils - Various Sizes

The Faber-Castell TK-Fine Mechanical Pencils for writing and technical drawing.

This is the traditional Faber TK-Fine mechanical pencil range with its great functionality. The TK-Fine has a rigid plastic body with grip section and a coding system so you can run multiple pencils and know which is which. Includes a movable metal clip that can be slid around to reveal which lead type you currently have in the pencil. The end of the pencil is also colour coded so you know which lead diameter you are using. Push button operation and an eraser under the push button top.

Colour coding:
0.5mm Brown
0.7mm Blue
0.9/1.0mm Orange

The TK-Fine Executive is a longer version of the pencil and provides an ergonimc plastic moulded grip for comfortable writing. The point fully retracts so you don't end up with a hole in your pocket from the lead. The lead is 2B and 0.7mm diameter. Includes eraser. 

Sharpener has 2 holes and suits pencils with 2.0 or 3.15mm leads.

  • Faber-Castell TK-Fine Executive Mechanical Pencil

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Faber-Castell TK-Fine Mechanical Pencil - 0.5mm
Faber-Castell TK-Fine Mechanical Pencil - 0.7mm
Faber-Castell TK-Fine Mechanical Pencil - 0.9/1.0mm
Faber-Castell TK 4600 Mechanical Pencil - 2.0mm
Faber-Castell Sharpener for TK Leads - 2.0/3.15mm
Faber-Castell TK Graphite Leads - 2.0mm - HB
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