PITT Artist Pens

Faber-Castell has brought together all of the advantages of drawing in Indian ink in a modern and uncomplicated disposable pen - the PITT Artist pen. Lightfast, waterproof drawing ink, without the mess. Originally in the brush tip and now with 8 other nibs styles:

  • Extra Superfine (XS) - 0.1mm for very fine details, manga drawing
  • Superfine (S) - 0.3mm for fine details and lines
  • Fine (F) - 0.5mm for general drawing, designing, writing
  • Medium (M) - 0.7mm for outlining, lettering and bolder lines
  • Brush (B) - 1.5mm tapered felt tip for colouring larger areas and thicker lines
  • Big Brush - 2.0mm for creating large art pieces
  • Soft Chisel (SC) - 1.0 -3.0mm to suit calligraphy
  • Soft Brush (SB) - a more flexible brush for line widths from 0.5 - 5.0mm
  • Bullet Tip (1.5) - bullet tip in black, gold and silver for invitations