Sketching Kits


Drawing, even simply, can bring immense joy to life

You become a better observer and as your skills improve, you will be amazed how you 'see'. All you need is a pen, some colour (pencil or paint) and decent paper. A fountain pen moves more freely and using watercolour is like taking bits of the earth and adding them straight to the page! There are lots of sketching tools, so Sydney Northern Beaches art tutor, Judy Salleh (image above), has helped us with this list:

  • Fountain Pen (M or F nib) and converter or syringe to draw up ink
  • DE ATRAMENTIS Document or Archive Ink - Black
  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolours - 12 colours
  • Travel Palette with lots of mixing area
  • Water Brush - Holbein brand
  • Travel Watercolour Brush - Size 8 or 10 Round
  • Soluble graphite - pencil or tin
  • Watercolour Sketchbook (150-185gsm) - for everyday
  • Watercolour Sketchbook (200+gsm) - for masterpieces!