TWSBI Spares

TWSBI Eco & Go Replacement Nibs - 5 Sizes

These are spare nibs to fit TWSBI Eco and Go Fountain Pen.

TWSBI nib sizes are similar to western nib sizes. The most popular size is F.

The stub nibs provide an italic line with 1.1m wide.

The 1.5mm mini nib is the same size as the Eco and Go nib so you could take the nib from the mini unit.

Stainless steel.

Supplied as a nib and separate feed 

Remove the old nib, taking note of the orientation of the nib in the front section. Place new nib on top of the feed and fully insert the pair into the section. Check the feed reaches the end of the cavity. Check the nib is also fully inserted (nib engraving size should be sitting just behind the collar of the section).

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TWSBI Eco or TWSBI Go Replacement Nib - EF
TWSBI Eco Replacement Nib - F
TWSBI Eco Replacement Nib - M

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TWSBI Eco Replacement Nib - B

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TWSBI Eco Replacement Nib - Stub 1.1

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TWSBI Diamond Mini Replacement Nib - Stub 1.5
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