POKETO Wallet - Jennifer Sanchez

POKETO wallets take art off the gallery walls and put it into your everyday life.

Jennifer was born in Florida and now lives in NYC. She builds up layers of geometric shapes and vivid colours to create syncopated compositions. She begins each painting with general shapes and colours in mind. By intuitively reacting to each addition, she allows the painting to develop on its own terms. The inherent qualities of the materials help to guide her painting. Thick applications of paint, drips, cracking and smears are important to creating direct and frank paintings that reveal process.

Made of durable vinyl (double layer for extra strength). The wallet is 21 x 9.5 cm open, but folds perfectly to fit in your pocket (10 x 9.5 cm). All wallets are limited edition and come with a matching badge/pin.

  • POKETO Wallet - Jennifer Sanchez
  • Lots of room for all your treasures!

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