PEBEO Colorex Watercolour Ink - 45mL - Quick Pick List

Transparent watercolour inks. Vivid colours. Each bottle comes with an eye dropper to help you dilute the colours.

Nice sheen and perfectly flat colour. A bit like vintage children's book illustrations.

A great medium to help you learn colour theory as you do your mixing experiments.

Select Primary Yellow, Cyan and Magenta to mix nearly any colour. Opaque white helps you make pastels.

Use on heavy weight paper. For brush, airbrush, dip pen or technical pen. Not recommended for fountain pens.

All colours (except black) are not waterproof or lightfast. Use in journals so work can be protected from light or in work that will be displayed digitally. Black is opaque, lightfast and indelible.

The Manga set includes 10 x 20mL bottles (no eye dropper): 02 white, 59 primary yellow, 37 vermillion, 60 magenta, 29 purple, 58 cyan, 45 spring green, 26 mars orange, 35 raw sienna, 23 ivory black plus 3 plastic droppers.

Keep out of reach of children.


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PEBEO Graphic India Ink - 45mL
PEBEO Colorex Watercolour Ink - 45mL - Primary Yellow
PEBEO Colorex Watercolour Ink - 45mL - Magenta
PEBEO Colorex Watercolour Ink - 45mL - Cyan
PEBEO Colorex Watercolour Ink - 45mL - White
PEBEO Colorex Watercolour Ink - Primary Set - Set 5 x 45 mL

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PEBEO Colorex Watercolour Ink - Manga Kit - Set 10 x 20 mL Samplers
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