Adult Sketching


Drawing, even simply, can bring immense joy to life

You become a better observer and as your skills improve, you will be amazed how you 'see'. All you need is a pen, some colour (pencil or paint) and decent paper. A fountain pen moves more freely and using watercolour is like taking bits of the earth and adding them straight to the page! There are lots of Pen & Ink tools, so Sydney Northern Beaches art tutor, Judy Salleh (image above), has helped us with this list:

  • Fountain Pen (M or F nib) and converter or syringe to draw up ink
  • DE ATRAMENTIS Document or Archive Ink - Black
  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolours - 12 colours
  • Travel Palette with lots of mixing area
  • Water Brush - Holbein brand
  • Travel Watercolour Brush - Size 8 or 10 Round
  • Soluble graphite - pencil or tin
  • Watercolour Sketchbook (150-185gsm) - for everyday
  • Watercolour Sketchbook (200+gsm) - for masterpieces!